Topic: Building Hogwarts Castle - part 1

Building Hogwarts Castle - part 1

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Released: August 30, 2021
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New amateur creator shares their first production!
Zero prior experience, just an enthusiastic dad trying to get the kids along in this new creative family hobby.

Are we really going to build the complete Lego Hogwarts Castle as a full feature animation film? This was just the first packet of about 40-ish, and it took us a full weekend to make... so at that rate we would be at it for a couple of years.

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Re: Building Hogwarts Castle - part 1

Hey there Stomogo, welcome to the forums (and welcome to the wonderful hobby that is brickfilming)!

For a first time animation I was surprised with the scope of what you experimented with. Character animation, big swirly swirls with a lot of moving parts, even some flying effects... I can only imagine how finnicky it must have been to get that right. Stop motion can take quite some time, as you've said, and so my advice would be to, well, not actually film all the building with as much detail as you have done so far. (Because yeah, it would end up taking years and then the kids won't actually get to play with the set!)

I hope you and your kids will continue testing the waters with stop motion animation. It's full of possibilites. Whether you are looking for advice or feedback or just want to share whatever you've come up with next, I'm looking forward to it.