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It's been a while!

I got curious and did a quick test yesterday, with a walk cycle, some passive movements, and a vertigo camera shot to help me figure out what focal length I'd prefer to use. Definitely like the wider end of the lens for this, but too wide and it feels a little too impossible.

I see a bunch of problems already:
- Low sample rate makes the entire scene flicker because of the de-noising (an issue I've had on other rendered projects)
- The face isn't positioned correctly on the head (I think I can fix that)
- The 'damaged' texture on the head doesn't turn with the rig! (Might be able to fix that)

Overall, not too bad. I didn't think I'd ever animate with bricks again, my hands don't really do the fine motor movements of stop motion that well. But getting to animate in Blender was quite a treat!

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I like how lively it is through the camerawork even though most of the scene elements are static. I could see this experiment leading to a very successful film one day.( and I too find stop-motion very tasking, cg brickfilms even more so)

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Woah, it looks great! Personally, I'd stay away from using anything beyond an 18mm probably, especially if you're shooting "macro" since IRL lenses have trouble focusing that close and being that wide. It kills the realism effect for me. Otherwise, I love this. Keep it up!

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Re: Blender Animation Test w/ Vertigo Shot

nice hyperrealism, looks great. gives me the slo-mo feel, I'd like to see it at 2x speed

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It is nice to see you return, Ladon. This looks really good; I like how exaggerated this scene is. If I was to offer criticism, I do feel some of the minor details of the minifigure (the corners of the torso, the shape of the hands, the way the arms sit) could be more accurate, if that's what you're going for.

Re: Blender Animation Test w/ Vertigo Shot

If you're wondering where this animation test ended up leading me, check out this thread: … sic-video/

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