Topic: CHOICES - A Lego War Film

CHOICES - A Lego War Film

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Released: September 11, 2020
Content Advisory: moderate violence, no language, no sexual content

There are many choices to be made during war...

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Re: CHOICES - A Lego War Film

love the voices! i can't find anyone to voice my Brick-Film sadly

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Re: CHOICES - A Lego War Film

The story is very well written, but some of the VFX could be better. In the future, try finding ways for the explosions to interact with the Lego more, or spend more time lining up the position of the muzzle flashes. All in all, it's a great film. I especially loved the set design.

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Re: CHOICES - A Lego War Film

This is great! You obviously put a lot of thought and heart into the message and story. I agree with Bros with Da Legos, though. If you work harder on those elements I'm sure your future films will be even better! Overall, awesome job and keep up the good work. Also, just wondering, where did you get those special effects from?

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