Topic: [BRAWL 2020] Loop TV

[BRAWL 2020] Loop TV

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Released: June 27, 2020
Content Advisory: mild violence, mild language, no sexual content

In an attempt to remodel a TV network, the newly appointed CEO wants to cancel the network’s most popular original series. To avoid the show’s cancellation, he is interrogated by the SDA (Storytelling Dimension Agency), who warn him of the ramifications of canceling a TV show

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Re: [BRAWL 2020] Loop TV

As was said on YouTube, the concept is awesome and much of the storytelling and voice talent is impeccable. If I had to pick a negative it is that I did not care for the ending since I felt the buildups deserved more.

Re: [BRAWL 2020] Loop TV

I loved the idea and all the fake shows.  Honestly, this could have made a great longer brickfilm

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with the TV producer going through different shows.

  But I get that would be hard to do in just seven days.
Overall, it's one of my favorite entries to BRAWL this year.