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Star Wars For Dummies Part 1


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Re: Star Wars For Dummies Part 1

That was great, except for the voices of Nute Gunray, Boss Nass and Chancellor Velorum.  They were horrible!  Never let that guy do voices again!

Good use of cotton.
I loved every time a ship landed.
And that one Battle Droid who bends back.

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Re: Star Wars For Dummies Part 1

That was great.
I agree, the ship landings got better and better as they went along. That is what happens when a creative idea is executed to perfection. Additionally, this is one of those times when basic and simple sets work in your favor. In fact, I'd even venture to say a few of those were intentionally wonderful effect. The senate chamber set in particular was a work of art.

While the music was fun, it did take a really long time to get through all the opening titles, perhaps those could be shortened slightly for the sequel? The kazoo arrangement sounded familiar, did you do it yourself, or use somebody else's recording?