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The Mayor


This is my entry to the "SHAC 2" contest. Thnak you to Dyland and co. for hosting this awesome competition!

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Re: The Mayor (“SHAC 2”)

This is an impressive entry.

The plot was one of the most involved and interesting of the SHAC films. While most tend to much smaller, simpler stories, this had the ambition to throw viewers into a whole city of personalities, politics, and problems. While that ultimately worked in it's favor, the time constraints of SHAC, and thus this film's runtime, made it feel much more like an opening pre-title sequence on a TV show or movie. Something to set up the characters, plot, and hook the viewers into seeing the rest. Only, there is nothing else.

The CG, both with gunfire and the logo thing didn't seem to blend well with the rest of the short. The news logo screen in particular was a completely different style and tone than the clips before and after it.  Otherwise, sets and lighting were good.

Great job making a very distinctive and entertaining film!