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An Extra Special Christmas Special


My Christmas special of 2018. I'm still expirimenting with thsese Slotborg puppets, so the animation isn't great, but I hope you like it. and Merry Christmas!

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I really enjoy seeing experimentation with puppets such as these. I take it that these are an original design? I am hoping you continue to work with them.

Re: An Extra Special Christmas Special

Great film!

It's a wonderful ending to a wonderful collaboration. If I haven't told you before, I'm proud of you for organizing this whole thing and making it happen. Great job!

As to the film, the giant figures instantly set it apart. Also, don't be ashamed if the animation isn't as smooth or pretty as you'd like. Pretty isn't everything. Conveying character and revealing the story are and you got both of those well. I could see more panic, disappointment, joy, and concern on the "faces" of these characters than I do in a lot of brickfilms.

Great job!

P. S. I'm not sure why, but I recognized Rioforce's voice singing right off the bat. Either I've watched way too many of his videos, or his voice is just so haunting recognizable that I can pick it out anywhere.