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Too Long for Forgiveness

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A really melodramatic film trailer.

Entry to the BiM Summer Contest "Movie Magic" 2018

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

Re: Too Long for Forgiveness

I liked the idea of what you were going for here- a really melodramatic faux trailer. It does appear that you misunderstood the theme. We were hoping to see more in the way of novel technical elements, but you seem to have interpreted "movie magic" differently; I'm curious to know what your take on it was.

There's a lot of room to grow in this film. You have some interesting shots (riding into the sunset, running down the alleyway at 0:13), they just needed a little bit of polish to really shine. Being more careful with your framing so you keep the viewer's eyes on the action and off of the edge of the set would do wonders I think. There were some issues with focus as well- I know some cameras have a pretty restrictive minimum focus distance so that's an understandable limitation. Regarding the plot: I'm not sure if you meant to have a recognizable overall plot throughout the trailer, or if the randomness of each segment was intentional to drive home the melodrama, but I do believe more coherence might have been a good idea. A recognizable plot running through everything could have pulled the clips together and made it feel more like the sort of trailer it was parodying.

I can definitely see potential here, and I think with more attention to detail you'll improve steadily as a filmmaker. Thanks for entering!