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Busker's Opus [BRAWL 2018]

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My entry to the BRAWL 2018 contest. Big thanks to Thistof for helping me out with finding the music, and for adjusting the audio for the MIDI version of the music.

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This is great, William. The set design was very good. The animation was great (especially the piano playing. It looked very natural.) And the story was great as well. It has been awhile since I've been on BiM, and you've made loads of progress.

I do not brickfilm anymore, but you can see my live action stuff here.

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Great work! The piano animation was especially well done.

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Wow! That was really good. mini/bigsmile

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I liked this entry a lot. Builds to the "Kairos" moment well, and the set design (also the set design of your videos in general) gives it a unique style. It's also cool that it's silent, so the whole story's communicated without dialogue. Nice work!

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Nice like how the mini figure was playing piano it looked like he was pressing the right keys


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