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The end of the Hollow Earth saga. The Xerans have launched their doomsday device that will suck the earth’s core and save their dying planet of Xeras, causing Earth to become Hollow, destroying it. The resistance must make a final assault on the Bolt, Paul, and the rest of the Xerans.

Director’s note
It is finally here. 3 years later. I loved creating this trilogy. You watch it, you can really see my progress as a filmmaker/animator through each installment. Special thanks to Dyland for setting the tone with his spectacular score. Can’t say enough good things about the dude. I loved making this, but it wasn’t easy. Original footage got deleted, and I actually canceled it/didn’t really want to reanimate the whole film from scratch. However, winter break of 2016, for really no reason at all, I just started it up again. On and off throughout the year. I guess since the second one ended on a cliffhanger, I wanted some sort of conclusion. Anywho, I hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think in the comments.

The aftermath of the story(Spoilers)

Spoiler (click to read)

Back when I wrote the first one, I designed the Hollow Earth series as a two-part adventure. However, I decided to make the film more complex than a standard sci fi action brickfilm, so I created a backstory for Bolt and the Xerans, and gave them motivations deeper than them just wanting to destroy the earth for the heck of it. So, with the second one ending with a traitor, the main hero getting shot, and the earth doomed, I wasn’t sure at first how to pick it up. I knew that there would be a final battle and all, but like the rest, I wanted there to be story development and not as simple as just fighting. To shake it up, I wrote this as more of an ensemble piece. Cory is still the hero, but he narrates less in this film and more focus is on the other characters.

As this installment is more violent than the others, I knew I had to kill some of my characters. It was not easy killing my creations, but it was necessary. This is the final stand, and there needed to be stakes. Considering Lauren was the female lead in the last film, you didn’t see her death coming. As well as Paul, well, at least so early on in the film. You probably didn’t see that suicide coming either. I actually had a scene of the rest of the aliens killing themselves, but I felt it was too much. I debated whether or not Bolt should kill Cory, but the ending changed. I didn’t want everything to be so dire and dark, so I decided to add some Hope.

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Hello from college bro. Glad that you finally finished this. I like the new ending much more than the original you had me read. This is definetly the best in your trilogy.

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Thanks. Glad to have your input

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The story in this brickfilm keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I'm very pleased to say that this provides a nice ending to the Hollow Earth trilogy.

The animation did drag the film down, however, I don't feel like I should complain too much as I'm no master animator either.

Visual Effects
I normally would that these effects don't mix well with the footage, but for this particular film they worked to a degree.  The brickfilm looked more visually interesting and they helped to compensate for the lackluster animation and sets.

Overall I'm glad I saw this series.  Even though it was far from perfect, it's clear a lot of passion went into it  Good job!

Story 8/10

Animation 4/10

Visual Effects 5/10

Overall 6/10

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Thanks OneDouglas for your fair critiques.

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Nothing about the music, OneDouglas? mini/tongue

Really happy with how this turned out, funmi! I think the voice actor for Bolt was best in this one - gave me a bit of a Governor Ratcliffe vibe.

I sort of wish the film could have gone on longer, actually. Although the pacing was fairly solid throughout. Also, I wasn't a fan of the language, even though it didn't distract early on. But that's just personal preference.

By the way, do you think you'll ever compile the three films into one long upload? When watching all three films back to back some plot lines become clearer and more defined. I think it would be cool to let others see the whole story in one sitting as well!

Can't wait to see your next projects, funmi.

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Thanks Dyland. Can't wait to work with you again.

For anyone interested, here is Dyland's full score to Hollow Earth 3, including the trailer music:

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gripping story.  I loved the first two and am glad to see the ending!

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This was brilliant and cheered up my work day at lunch time. Love the backstabbing graphics mini/wink

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@HoldingOurOwn  Thanks a lot.

@BrickFan Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Yeah, the backstabbing graphics was one of my favorite shots. mini/wink