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Escape from the dictaphones


In this brickfilm I animated a sci-fi war scene where some soldiers must escape from the battle zone. The good guys usually wear red, the bad guys are dictaphones.

An evil weird soldier who has many legs and arms, he is the boss of the dictaphones here. The story of this character is that, I got a Cobi set many years ago, but unfortunately I lost many parts of this special minifigure mini/sad . Later I had an idea to assemble the reamaining parts of this (a head and two hands), so I could create this custom minifigure which looks like an evil character from sci-fi, half human-half robotic.

Not recommended for small children.

You can rate it if you liked/not liked it, I appreciate that, and you can comment as well.

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That cyborg is going to haunt my nightmares for a week! Nice work.

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This was very interesting! I liked the old-school animation and retro feel. Also good job with the action!
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Re: Escape from the dictaphones

Very well done brick-built gunshots and such. The animation had a sort of classic early-to-mid 80s action movie vibe. I really liked this. It got right into the action and was pretty entertaining. mini/smile

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Not bad. Quite nice seeing the use if those Lego muzzle flashes.