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[THAC XIV] Warped Perception


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Re: [THAX XIV] Warped Perception

Hmm, it's not often that people use IPs in THAC, even though it's allowed.
While I think what's here was well put together, it's still got the feeling of lacking something. Perceptions warp when they go into warp, I get it. However, there does not seem to be any story behind it. It's like it's the opening pre-credits sequence to a much more elaborate episode.

However, there are some really neat aspects to this entry.
The simulated talking, yet without audio, was actually well done. What was 'said' was clearly communicated.
Becuase you stuck to only one main set, you were able to make it a really, really, good one. The CGI was also solid, and the effects were spot-on. Visually, you couldn't ask for better.

Re: [THAX XIV] Warped Perception

Hmm, I don't recall ever watching a Star Trek brickfilm, definitely a surprise. In my head I could hear Picard say "engage".  Definitely felt like something that could actually happen, (been on a bit of a TNG binge recently). I agree with pritchard though, the story didn't feel complete.

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Re: [THAX XIV] Warped Perception

It's too bad about the voices, but it was really, really awesome to see such a faithful recreation of the TNG bridge and characters animated! Nice work on the CGI, and I really love how you matched the style of the TNG episode titles at the beginning.