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Reach for the Stars


A young girl named Selena sees Neil Armstrong land on the moon on tv. She dreams that she will be the first person to land on Mars. The ending credits with the lens flare stuff was animated by me also with some cool lights behind a background that had holes in it. The parrot was paying tribute to case of the year.
I wasn't going to finish the film and kinda stopped doing the project. But i decided to finish it and just make a shorter version.

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A very beautiful little film. This is a perfect example of a brickfilm that packs in everything it needs to, story wise, in a very short runtime. It would have been nice to have seen a longer film, but it is a visually stunning, well executed film, nonetheless.

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By the way, I feel very sorry for that poor guy that was thrown off the rocket without a space suit mini/lol

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Great little film. Very smooth animation mini/yes

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I like that it was only conveyed through the sound that it was a dream. Nice little film.

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This was a nice little film. Great job on the animation!

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