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When a starship starts losing oxygen, there's no time to breathe.

A brickflm that took me five months spread out over the course of nine. I sort of experimented with a few things with this and definitely learned a lot from making it. Let me know what you think, constructive criticism definitely encouraged. mini/smile

I also want to give a huge thank you to everyone who lent a voice to this film, you all did a great job!

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The way things moved when being sucked into the vacuum was great!

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This film was great and it reminded me of one Doctor Who episode. Great job! mini/yes

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I wanted to see more!!! Great animation (especially the airlock part) and you handled the story very well and it was great that you told it in three minutes. Also, I love the intensity you created at the beginning. I thought you did a fantastic job of creating that sense of urgency throughout. The only thing I would say to work on is the blue color grading just a bit other than that the film was superb mini/smile

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Great job! I agree with Infinity about the color grading. It's just a bit over the top, but otherwise the film looks very nice. The design for the walls of the ship is really neat. I've never thought to use those pull-back wheel bodies for structural elements but it adds a nice subtle design that shows that you've really put thought into how the ship is designed.

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That was supper cool! I really liked the colouring and sound design. The story was also pretty well done. Some of the shots changes were a little odd and sometimes it was confusing were the camera was looking. But over all a really great brick film! I really enjoyed watching it!

Keep up the good work

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Thanks for the replies, everyone! I was worried that the story would fall a little flat, but I'm really glad that you all liked it!

The blue effect was mostly done in-camera, actually. I colored the paper over my lamps with a teal marker to try and give it an interesting look. I experimented with quite a few different things in this film,  I guess that's something I'll just have to work on in later projects. mini/smile

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Man, that was some intense stuff - the lighting and sound really gave it that cinematic feel! And you gave Mandy a good character: risking (or losing) his life for all the people in the ship. Amazing job!

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