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Lost At Sea


Ship lost at sea.

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I was really impressed! Visually this film looks fantastic. Great lighting, use of the closeups (though I just love closeups in general xP ), and the quick cuts were very well done.
I have to say, this is definitely one of my favorite roles of Brick7's; she did a wonderful job here.

There were a couple things I will point out - some of the animation was somewhat choppy, and personally I didn't really see much motivation for Mary - but these are not very major critiques looking at this as a whole. mini/tongue

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This is one of the best Brickfilms I've seen this year. Like Mighty Wonderer said, it was visually stunning and Brick7 was perfect for the role (as she always is). I do also agree with him that there wasn't much motivation for Mary to wait all those years. Maybe if they had been dating for a while and they started to have some chemistry, then it probably would have made more sense. But still, this is a beautiful film. A 5/5 from me!

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Wow. I have to echo what the others said. Visually, it looks great. The story progresses well, and the way you told the story makes sense, and held my interest. But, I have two concerns. First, as has been said, Mary had very little motivation to stick around that long. Second, the Sea of Galilee ain't that big. She would have known he was dead pretty quick. It's not like the Atlantic, where it would take weeks to cross, then return, and the odds of going missing would have been much, much higher.

Still, looking past those flaws, it's a great film. Good job.
The lighting, sets, and style are all fantastic.