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This is definitely a weird one, but it's been awhile since I've done something really odd. I've been editing this for around 3 months; between school and research and grad school applications I just haven't had time to work on brickfilming.

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Its like a really strange dream, I like mini/bigsmile

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Very silly and clever. The animation when the guy was moving his arms was incredibly smooth.

My profile picture is deep fried lol

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Ok.... mini/eh

It's a...Well, it's rather hard to describe. I'll give you that.

The whites were all blown out, which gave it a unique, almost dream-like quality. Which isn't bad...I think. mini/tongue
It's odd that wider shots seemed to leave a lot of empty space above the character's heads, with the closer shots not leaving enough, or even cutting off the tops of their heads. But enough on the negatives.

Your sense of humor is spot-on, with the jokes slowly building, then completely switching gears with the perfect 'tax refunds' line. Sadly, I didn't get it at first, but after figuring it out, I realized just how clever that line really was.
Great job.

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Thanks for the comments, guys; glad you found it entertaining. mini/smile