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The Infinity Bulb


My entry for the BiM summer contest: Darkness and Light.

Tired of your light bulbs burning out? Get Infinity Bulb!

Too annoyed at Infinity Bulb? Get Neveron Bulb!


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Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

I got to say, this was pretty creative! Nice job on the voice acting. I'm glad you competed in this competition, as I did. Good Luck on your entry!

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Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

animation felt a little bit "fast", but otherwise the lighting and builds were great!

Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

That was pretty funny, nice job!

Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

That was pretty funny. The animation, sets, lighting, and camera angels were very good. I especially liked the never on bulb one. Although it did seem a bit long which is very odd for a stop motion video, but thats a minor thing.

Over all a very well made video.

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Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

It's funny that I only found this one once I saw the playlist on YouTube. Pretty funny, and probably quite close to what adverts would be like if they were entirely honest mini/lol Great animation. Thumbs up!

Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

Great animation! I love the humor in it! mini/smile

Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

What a fun little concept!

The presenting of the very different and impractical concepts is as equally ridiculous as the bulbs themselves.
It's also refreshing to see a more fun take on the theme. Many of the others were darker and more depressing, allowing this to stand out. (To me at least)

I like the contrast between the presentations, with the first being a more traditional infomercial, but the second coming off more like an Honest Trailer-style review. Technically, it's well written, with smooth animation, good sets, and great lighting.

I quite enjoined it, and hope it places well.

Re: The Infinity Bulb [D&L Entry]

I thought this film was a lot of fun, many brickfilm comedies fall flat for me but I found myself laughing at many parts of this. I wasn't expecting the second half and that was a great twist.

If I were to give critique, I think the joke is perhaps stretched out too long without enough elements to sustain that; it feels like the pacing is a little off for reasons that are hard to pinpoint.