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Kid friendly action film of a heist on the open sea.

Corny jokes abound, and so do the animation flaws, but that won't stop the fun!

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A pretty ambitious project, I had assumed that it was somehow related to "Ocean's 11" but it appeared to be an original story which is always refreshing to see.

You did not on the animation flaws but you should be able to fix a lot of those on your next film if you tack down your sets and are a little more careful. The way you handled the ocean worked really well and it really felt like most of those boat shots were out on the open water.

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I really enjoyed it. It's impressive that you made a film of such length as one of your first brickfilms. I think it's great that it's an ambitious film more concerned with being fun than with being perfectly shiny and smooth. I thought all the voice acting was really well done, too. Nice work!

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I'm surprised how much I enjoyed that. The dialogue was funny and well delivered by the actors, I found myself laughing quite a bit at all the goofyness throughout, and I really enjoyed the style. Although the film is basic on a technical level, the animation never prevented the film from being funny, and began to improve quite a bit near the end. The animation of the guy walking with flippers on outright made me laugh, that was quite well done, as well as some of the dialogue animation in the final conversation with the jet ski riders. It's a very charming film; reminds me of the stuff I made with my friends in junior high and early high school, but better. mini/smile

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate all your positive comments, and the criticism is also welcome. If there was anything specific that didn't work in terms of communicating what's going on let me know. Anywhere you felt in the film... "wait, what happened?" let me know. I have my suspicions about a few weak spots, but audience feedback gives me a fresh perspective. Which is something one needs after working on the same project for over a year!

To give a little background info...

I felt like my main focus in this film was the enormity of the project and improving on what I had done in my first brickfilm Fire Team Rescue.

My objective with each film I make is to find a specific area that I need to work on and improve it.

With Fire Team Rescue it was simply - Yay I made a brickfilm!
With The Ocean Eleven it was - Make a Story. Make it fun. Use recorded voice acting. Make it long.
With my THAC12 entry Protected it was - Make it serious. Make it subtle. Make it in 24 hours. Improve smoothness of animation.

The THAC12 entry is a turning point in my work on Ocean Eleven. You all noticed that the animation improved as the film went on, though there is a rougher section towards the end as well. That was all put together before the THAC12 contest.
Everything that is better (15fps) was done afterwards - Mostly the ocean scenes and helicopters.

I've still got a long ways to go, and a few obstacles with equipment.

For my upcoming films I'll be working on ...
Darkness and Light Contest entry - Lighting! ...and smoothness of animation.
TBD - Set building and design! ...and smoothness of animation.
The History of M-Man - Creative Non-Fiction Storytelling/Writing. ...and smoothness of animation.

And at some point in the future I'd like to learn motion graphics using After Effects as well.

I'm sure you guessed I'm no stranger to making movies. In fact, I feel like I can safely say I've worked on every possible point in the movie making process.
Writing, Storyboarding, Screenplay writing, directing, producing, editing, scoring, acting, watching, projecting, and cleaning up the theater after the movie is over!

Again, thanks everyone!

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Fantastic. I watched most of this a while back when you linked the incomplete version in chat (before you did the helicopter scenes). I enjoyed it then, and I still enjoy it now. It's even greater with the cool helicopters. It was a very ambitious project, and you pulled it off well. I look forward to seeing more from you! mini/smile

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