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It's the Easter Panda Charlie Brown!!!

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All in all, Easter Panda is fun short, with amusing characters, and is a unique take on the 2015 EASTER contest.

On a technical note, there is some noticeable light flicker; which can be very tricky to prevent and can be difficult to pin-point the exact cause of it. It might help to diffuse your lights by putting paper over them, adjusting your camera's exposure, and/or wearing darker clothing.

Also, I really like the homage to Charlie Brown. Keep up the good work, JMCStudios!

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Charlie Brown Easter, that's an interesting and from what I've seen new idea for EASTER. I've never known there were such things called Easter panda's. mini/tongue

The most noticeable things in this short is the animation and the light flicker. The animation could use some smoothing up. You could improve this by making a small movement before the arms are fully raised. This makes the movements look more realistic. This technique is called easing in and easing out. (You can probably find many tutorials on it) To fix the light flickering I would suggest getting lamps. Lamps completely reduced my light flicker problem. If you already have lamps then another problem could be that your auto settings are on. If they are on, turn them all off. That will most definitely cause you all sorts of lighting issues.

Keep up the good work JMC!

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Quite an interesting take on Easter, JMC. I've never heard of the Easter Panda before... mini/wink

The film was good, the animation was a bit rough, though. The pitched up voice sounded unnatural and kind of strange to me, it sounded more likk a chipmunk than a kid. I did enjoy the concept though. mini/smile

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Re: Easter Panda

I have no idea what I just watched.

I'm obviously missing the connection with Charlie Brown, as well as the odd and unexplained inclusion of the panda.
Sadly, the light flicker, choppy animation, and the aforementioned panda all brought this one down a bit.

I think the idea could have worked as a random "lolwat" kind of film, but I think it tried to be a bit more dramatic than that, and the short running time certainly didn't give you the flexibility to flesh out your idea and give it the plot of development it needed to be taken seriously. You did have a more original take on the theme, but one that was just a bit too far into left-field to quite stand out.

But don't worry, practice makes perfect, and you've got some great feedback already to chew on.
Thanks for entering!