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Ushering in a new year is a time for making changes, and Ben is gonna take full advantage of that.

My failed THAC XII entry. I was three shots shy of finishing it on time...granted, those shots amounted to about 50 seconds of footage total.

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Re: Resolute - A Failed THAC XII Entry

Whoever did those sexy workout noises should get an Oscar for best supporting actor.

Nah but really it's great, my favourite parts were probably the unconventional arm movements like the weight lifting, that looked awesome.

Worst part was the disgusting taste in video games.
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Re: Resolute - A Failed THAC XII Entry

Really nice job with the framing and workout animation!

Re: Resolute - A Failed THAC XII Entry

Good cinematography, I liked how everything worked together to create a certain tone. It was still comedic but it didn't feel like a manic cartoon or a TV sitcom in the sense that, well, many comedy brickfilms do to me.

Re: Resolute - A Failed THAC XII Entry

I enjoyed that. It was very well put together (pun not intended). The storyline was typical, but that's OK. The visible sticky-tac bothered me, though, especially on the black torso, but other than that, great job. The lighting and focus was perfect. So were the sets. That veggie aisle in the market was hilarious.

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Re: Resolute - A Failed THAC XII Entry

"It's Saturday. I can take the weekends off."

I really enjoyed this short, and it was definitely a nice treat to see Ben and Andy back in action. The animation was extremely well done and innovative, the lighting was excellent, and I loved the set design; from the simple bedroom to the detailed grocery store, it all fits perfectly with the film. Also, another aspect that I thought fit marvelously well with the short was the music. Really awesome stuff.

Re: Resolute - A Failed THAC XII Entry

Excellent color! Very vibrant. I always love the out-of-socket movements, especially when they are done well. Great work!

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