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My entry to THAC XII and my first THAC in 6 years. I may be a bit rusty and it's in no way perfect, but I'm happy with what I managed to churn out.

I was working on this right up until the last hour and we only gave it a title when there were about 20 minutes left. I almost accidentally saved it with the placeholder title Rick and Steve. Even if you find it a bit hard to follow, I hope some of the visuals will be interesting. It's not saying much (at all) but this is probably my most visually ambitious film. If that fails, there's a guy with a cup who's pretty cool. That's easily the best bit.

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That's great. The story wasn't too hard to follow. The guy with the mug was super cool. mini/sunnies I like them mystery part of this film. Good work.

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Pretty damn great (and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, lol).

It's nice to see you do one offs every now and then. I love Benny n' Lee, but you've proven yourself more than capable at doing interesting crime dramas. The visuals were, like you said, great - especially the opening shot of the car. Music fit really well also, and gave it a nice feel to it, but it felt like there could have been some more sound effects going on in the diner.
It wasn't hard to follow at all, though had it not been made under time pressure it could have gladly gone on for a bit longer in the middle.

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That was great! It's nice when you can make a film that isn't animation heavy for THAC, I'm sure it helped a lot in actually finishing this. The animation of the guy behind the counter was really smooth, his counter wiping and even barring the door.

Cup man is wonderful.

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Wow, this is great. What really stood out to me was that the animation in some parts was really, reaaaallllyyy good. I especially liked the closing/locking of the door and the guy with the mug, great stuff.
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Thanks for the nice words. I'm glad to hear it is liked because I was doubting the quality of this film halfway through THAC, probably out of tiredness and wanting to give up. I'm glad I pushed through.

I know there aren't many sound effects but, as is often the case, I left the sound design until last and only started throwing in some sounds with <30 minutes left. The sound of the door being slammed and barred is actually a recording of me throwing a box around that I had made for an upcoming Benny n' Lee.

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What really made the film for me was the choice of music, it was just great and added so much to everything, good job.

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Really great film, penta, especially for THAC. The story was solid, and very coherent, something a lot of THAC films struggle with, I feel. The use of music really put it over the edge, and makes the film feel surprisingly polished. Great job. mini/smile

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I really enjoyed this entry. It reminded me a bit of a Tarantino flick. I also loved the opening shot with the car.

My only gripe is that the white balance looks a bit off. Not really that big of a deal though.

I'm really hoping this places somewhere in the top ten, because I think it deserves it.

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A really great entry.  I love the music selection; the opening guitar riff and shot of the car immediately set the tone and pulls you right into the film.  The animation was great, especially the guy wiping the bar, although I thought the movement of the guy with the mug seemed a bit wobbly.

I especially like the character of Knox (if that's how you spell his name) and his voicing; I don't know why, but the Irish accent really adds to his character.  I'd like to see him in a solo film.

All in all, great job!  One of my favourite entries.

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Re: [THAC XII] Warshaw

Walter Benson wrote:

It reminded me a bit of a Tarantino flick. I also loved the opening shot with the car.

Exactly what I was thinking. I loved The Whack, so this was a real treat. Congrats on Second Place!

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This film has a great sense of style that goes beyond what most brickfilms even with similarly dark subject matter achieve. Definitely Tarantino-esque as some have mentioned. It'd impressive that you were able to achieve that kind of attention to detail in 24 hours.

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This was my favorite entry in THAC this year. The music choice fit very well this the video. The animation wonderful. It's quirky yet feels realist which is really hard to pull off. The style is something that is greatly missing in most brickfilms. It feels like an actual movie.