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Lord Of The Thing - PART 4


With Whitebeard gone, what will become of John Redwood?

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Lesson learnt: Don't submit a non-THAC film during the THAC-window.

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Ooh, I watched this about a week ago, but like you said, I was so caught up in trying to watch every THAC 12 entry before the results chat, that I had completely forgotten to post a comment.

Part 4 is good. There are parts where I laughed out loud and parts that felt a bit forced, and I got tired of the same repeated jokes. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to Part 5.

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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The last line, the last line killed me. mini/lol These are getting better. I found myself laughing more in this episode than I remember from the last few, and I'm getting more and more interested in the story. Keep up the good work.