Re: How many pieces do you own?

My last count was 58500 bricks, but I forgot Galactic Titan and 1700 Modulex bricks, so I'm revising upwards to about 61100.  Gosh!  I never realized it.  I guessed like 20000 originally.  I really need very little more for animting, except regular bricks for walls.

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Re: How many pieces do you own?

Im trying to use brick set.  Can i manually type in my set numbers or do i have to import them?  I have nothing to import so ... What to do?

What would be clever is for ppl to enter their pieces and then the database tell you what sets you can build.  Ive inherited an assortment of wild west bricks but i dont know what set they are from.  That would probably be an insane amount of work though.  Brick and colour!

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Re: How many pieces do you own?

There's absolutely no way I will estimate an exact amount, so you'll just have to figure it out for yourself. mini/lol

This is a collection of some vehicles and structures.

Baseplates and more vehicles.

Most of my loose pieces.

And yet, all the time I realize that I never have enough.

Accessories and minifig parts.

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Re: How many pieces do you own?

i have about 30000 pieces in my two years of collecting and about 800 minifigures

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Re: How many pieces do you own?

Did a part count on Brickset last week, over 68,500 pieces! Pretty happy about that.

Re: How many pieces do you own?

I am probably the only person who can give a near-exact count. mini/bigsmile  A few months ago, I took a few weeks just to count everything in all of my organizers, drawers, desks, models... everything! mini/dizzy  Since then, I have kept track of all pieces gained or traded.

I own 25,420, give or take a few miscounted pieces. mini/sunnies

Looks like this is a relatively small collection next to some brickfilmers. mini/shifty mini/jaw mini/twitch I'm still collecting, of course... and whenever I have the money (and for Christmas) I make large Bricklink orders. Come to think of it, I suppose I have only recently gotten really into collecting other than buying a few sets each year that I liked. Now I'm ordering a lot from Bricklink, and my collection is growing fast.

In addition to collecting standard pieces, I like to collect old pieces, odd pieces, weird or rare colors, and if I find a good deal then I order pieces in bulk. My strategy is to go after a few things I specifically want for each order, and if the seller has a good deal on anything else I might use, then I order as many as I'm likely to ever need.

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