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BiM Celebration: Slight Cracking


Made for the BiM Celebration Animation Contest

I tried to go with a high-contrast look for this film, but can't say I care for it. Oh well.
Also, it was rushed, and therefore ain't that great.

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That punchline worked well, and it was really funny. The set design and the lighting were very well done, as well. Great job, Pritch.

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took me a few watches until I got the wall joke but that was awesome. My only critique would be the set didn't look to much like a office it looked a bit more like a back ally or something I think it would look a bit better if you would have smoothed it up a bit. But thats just my opinion.

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Re: BiM Celebration: Slight Cracking

Well, thanks.
Honestly, I didn't give this the effort and time it needed, so any flaws like the light flicker and stuff are due to that.

@Mickey, With every one of my films I try to experiment with new building techniques, and the walls here are a result of that drive for uniqueness. I feared the jokes weren't going to be that funny, so thanks for proving otherwise.

Smooth the walls up, as in not exposing all of the studs? Yeah, that was my original plan, but I couldn't find enough of the right size tiles. And I tried hard to get a nice office hallway look with the potted plants, water cooler and coffee table, but what should I have done differently to help with that?