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A brickfilm about... Winking?

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Really well animated. I just subscribed to you.  mini/smile

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Yep, totally saw that ending coming.

It's a nice little short, with your usual high standards of animation and set building.
I was impressed at all the smooth head transitions, and while it did develop a bit slowly for the simple plot, you did a great job. There was some waiting around with little or no animation, but it kinda fit and helped things from getting too busy or crowded.

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The secret video was odd...Not sure where that came from.

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I really liked this. Great animation, sets, and of course story/idea mini/wink

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I liked it.

It had a nice story and good animation. Although it did feel slow at times.

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It's great brickfilms like these that really make me want to go and make one. I'll be busy from Wednesday to Sunday, so I won't be around here at all. But, maybe afterwards. Because I really want to get back to animating now.

Anyways, I really liked this short. Probably your best thus far. I liked the set designs, but I was most impressed with the diner/bar. And, although the ending was predictable (the slow build-up kind of gives it away), I thought it would have been better if

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after the guy got a black eye, another minifigure walks up and winks at him, for a change.

But, really nice film, Walter. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks all!

That idea would've been a great after credits scene, Mickey.

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I rated this 5 bricks before I even watched it. And yes, it was deserving. mini/smile

Nice work on this one, you took a simple premise and made it work! Not really sure if half the film was happy or just plain creepy to tell you the truth... I like that you had stuff going on in the background, however some of the shots where the characters were completely still could have used some movement. (Although it did help with the slightly weird aspect of the whole thing.) A little nitpick, shot change in the café at :58 didn't quite work for me. It cut to another wide shot that was too similar to the one before.

Great work as always!

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