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Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later


In late 2008, Alex disappeared. Now, five years later, he has returned, and has to answer Derrick's most pressing question: "Where have you been?"

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Looooooved all of the video game references.

Also liked the 'hearts/in love' animation.
We need more of that Looney Tunes animation style.

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Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Wow, I really enjoyed this. It was impressive how many sets you were able to get into the timeframe, and how impressive each of them was, I can't imagine having to build such an intricate set to have appear for a few seconds.

Pretty damn funny as well, I actually laughed out loud at the beginning and the guitar bit was awesome. Great job
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Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

so...does this mean we'll see a come back with Alex and Derrick?

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

That was amazing! I certainly wasn't expecting it to be that fast paced, but your set direction really makes a lot of sense now. I don't really have much to say other than that was really funny, and really well executed in every way, great job. mini/bigsmile

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Wow! Great job, Nathan! mini/bigsmile So, like Sean said, does this mean we will see a comeback with Alex and Derrick?

By the way, more wrecking ball videos wouldn't count.

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

I haven't seen a brickfilm this inspiring in a really long time. The premise and jokes were good, but what really made my jaw drop was the ammount of detail you managed to squeeze into most of the sets without making them too extravagant. Great job! I hope you'll make more soon.

On a side note, what do you think of animating minifigs on a smooth surface? I see you didn't include any difficult movements and walk-cycles when working with sets with smooth floors, but still- do you think something like that would be too difficult? I've been contemplating whether it would be worth it for quite a while now.

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Let me start off by saying, this is the comeback I've been waiting for! This film greatly surpasses The Meek and the Bold, and still has the charm and humor that your original Alex and Derrick films had. - Something I'm glad to see again, in a fresh new way.

I don't want to give any "spoilerz," however, I will say that I love some of the changes you have made; Not only from a creative standpoint, but also from a continuity standpoint. Things change after 5 years, and this film perfectly encompasses this feeling of meeting someone again after 5 years. And that's what it's all about - meeting Alex and Derrick after a 5 fear hiatus.

As for animation, it's a MAJOR improvement from your late-THAC film, however there still are one or two minor bumps in the road - all of which, are an improvement from your first film. But, these few little moments don't effect the film in any way. - The animation, for the most part, is beautiful; Complimented by the marvelous sets. Everything seems to shine in this film. - Something that has greatly boosted my anticipation of your upcoming projects. - All of which, I'm sure will be fun to watch, as this one was.

I'll conclude by expressing the happiness this film has given me, and the inspiration it's given me to perhaps actually be able to make MY comeback film after nearly 3 years. - It's obviously possible if you've got the strive for it. mini/smile I just hope mine could turn out half as good as yours is!

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

OMG! He's back! mini/smile mini/smile mini/smile

You didn't disappoint. Than you, Lord of the Lego!

After watching this movie, I can say that you haven't changed a bit. Your animation and attention to detail is still top notch. Having made many sets, myself, I can honestly say that when I first saw the apartment change, I was scared. But then, I took a really good look at it and saw that, in the end, it was really a great decision. In some of your first films, especially your old Alex and Derrick sets, things looked a little cheesy, but, back then, it worked. However, now, the sets were awesome, and the animation only makes the movie that much better. I love it!

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Haha! Amazing! Liked many of the sequences put into that, and all those video game related material as well!

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

So I assume this isn't continuous to Derrekking Ball, right? Anyway, really amazing Nathan! I love the sets, and how you put so much detail in something that is gonna be there for only a few seconds. The animation was fantastic! I could never animate tile pieces.

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Absolutely brilliant, Nathan. I don't think I've ever seen a brickfilm with so much detail for so many scenes before. Brings me back to '06 when i used to spend so much time watching and re-watching your brickfilms, and this re-invigorated my love for Alex & Derrick <3

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Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later


It's brilliantly detailed, and I love all the nods and humourous bits in there ("...we talked about our feelings, we had arguements..."). Welcome back, Alex and Derrick.

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Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Nice work Nathan, that was awesome.  The most impressive thing to me was the detailed sets for every little shot.  Even if I was a talented set designer, I'm not sure if I'd have the patience to do all that work for a second of footage.  I hope that this is just the first of a slew of new Alex and Derrick videos!

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later, a tale of a bonding between two long-lost acquaintances.

This brickfilm brings back the nostalgia of the, now, reignited Alex and Derrick shorts. I felt the same emotions watching this film as I did watching the previous shorts. Alex and Derrick continue to give off the same quirky, creative, and exhilarating style. The animation was both fluid and distinctive, with only a few minor bumps in the road. Quite possibly, my favorite bit of animation was the heart emotion in the restaurant sequence. As stated by several others, the set design was outstanding, truly an achievement of visual excellence. The attention to detail is definitely praise worthy, and I enjoyed the transformation of the dynamic duos' apartment. Though, the one aspect of the short that surprised me the most was the almost seem-less voice acting for Alex and Derrick compared to five years ago.

This is a definite highly recommended and re-watchable brickfilm. Much appreciation to you, Nathan! Excellent job!

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

It's a beautiful film.

I love how You've gone through so many sets in such a short time.  Also, it's really interesting seeing the contrast between your old and new room design, which makes me think that those five years were an entire waste playing video games, at least he did some great redecorating.

I usually do films with only a few sets that can be filmed for a great many angles, but this makes me want to use more one-shot sets.

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

The animation and set designs are your best yet.
Welcome back mini/smile

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Lovely animation and sets. I enjoyed how weirdly autobiographical it all was.

Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Now I realize why the estimated release date kept getting pushed back, (from what, last fall? And then January, February, March...) those sets are gorgeous! The attention to detail is superb. Oh, and:

Sméagol wrote:

I enjoyed how weirdly autobiographical it all was.

Also, that is the best Lego Minecraft sequence I have ever seen. Perhaps you could remake all the Pixelated Pickaxe episodes in Lego? mini/tongue

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Re: Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later

Great movie, I recognized some of the sets as far back as the Contrast contest, was this the movie originally meant for it?

Like the others said, amazing sets for how short most of the scenes were, and a great film in general. Hope to see you making a few more.