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Nice Cop Naughty Cop


When he's not handing out presents, Santa enjoys stamping out crime.

An entry to Christmas In A Minute, competition over on BiM! I had to cut a few jokes out to fit the length, but overall I'm really happy with the result! I once again cut it very fine with the deadline trying to cram everything in at 2:30am in the morning.

Special thanks to Chris W for providing the voice of the criminal, and to Nathan for providing the voice of the additional policeman, Dasher, and of course to RepellingSpider for hosting the contest (and to Mighty Wanderer and Firestartoys for providing the prizes)

Happy Christmas everyone!

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Re: Nice Cop Naughty Cop

Nice. The animation was really nice and I liked a lot of the shots. However it felt a little empty...
I dunno, the ending just sort of... happened. Then again it is a short film so it's not like you had time to do much else with the premise. Good job.
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Re: Nice Cop Naughty Cop

The running sound FX just didn't feel right. But, an overall great entry. Geez, I didn't think there would be so many entries into this contest. I feel kind of sorry for not entering...but there's always THAC--and that's only two days away.

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so good

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The beginning of it feels so much like Sonjira's BIRDFaCE.

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Well animated, such good, wow, many likes.

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?