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Black Friday


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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Fantastic! It just so happens my birthday is tomorrow, too (trying to fight the crowd to get a cake is gonna be tough).

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Oh wow, that sounds challenging! Good luck!

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This needed to be done.

I'm kind of against the idea of Black Friday altogether, actually. And it stinks even more that they needed to open up some of those holiday sales on Thanksgiving, too. So that sticks retail store employees at their workplaces instead of in their homes to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving. I mean--what? Why?

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

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Mickey wrote:

I mean--what? Why?


Anyways, great little short. I loved the way everyone ran in! How long did that take to animate?

no more brickfilming *sad face*.

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I think it might've taken an hour or two. I can't really remember too well as I animated this at the beginning of November.