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If Rooftops Could Talk


The tale of two men and their complicated time-streams. Made for Contrast 2013.

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This was really cool.  I especially liked the lighting in certain places, and the action was excellently animated.

The music, however, is a tad bit too loud for the level of your speech audio, and some of the lines of the future guy are delivered a little bit too slowly, which all makes it a bit hard to understand and follow.
Also, I'm not really sure why the two people are on a rooftop, I felt that it needed some explanation, and I felt that having dialogue go over the credits felt a little odd.

But it's one of the most solid entries I've seen and I think that it has a groovy chance at victory.

The final scene was brilliant, by the way. mini/smile

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Ditto what Squid said. Wonderful entry, it definitely has a good chance in the contest. mini/wink

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I really like how this turned out, Pritchard. I'm sure it'll place mini/smile (Not trying to be biased)

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Like Squid said: this was very very cool! That time travelling endless spiral is wonderful. I like videos and movies like that. But yes, very well done with animation, sets and story.

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So cool. watched it like 4 times already.

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The animation and voices were great but the plot was a bit confusing (were you trying to contrast different future hims and how they decided to change/ not change the past? mini/confused )

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Squid wrote:

ANP's long post

Arggg, the ever present music is too loud problem. I really should have that beaten by now.
And which future guy, blue and black, or black and red? (If blue, it was me, trying to mimic Benedict Cumberbatch sorry.)
Rooftop, umm, because I felt like putting them there. I was planning a short sequence explaining why they were both there, but it got cut fairly early on. Figured most people wouldn't really ask about it. Yeah, I'll admit the voiceover idea wasn't that great, but I had destroyed the set at that point and was unable to film more.

Thanks, sure hope it places well.

@Mighty Wanderer, Thanks.

@Trollbridge, Well, if it does, some of the credit should go to you. Your score was a crucial element that really helped bring this to a higher level. Thanks a ton for doing that.

@:S Productions, I wasn't sure about the endless spiral, so I left it a bit open-ended, but I'm glad at least one person appreciates it.

@Osomstudios, Ha, thanks for all the views.

END, Well, I was trying to contrast several things on several layers. Not so much an emphasis on one or the other thing, but instead allowing the viewers a chance to think about it. A big one is between the Future White World and the Future Black/Blue world and really how different the two are. And then Mal/Cap. (The two fellas.) With not only the differences between the two, but the differences between the normal and future versions of the same character.