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The film literally starts with a story about my murder. I...

OK but seriously this is pretty funny, I think that the jokes did get a little cheap at times, using too many name innuendos when one or two would have sufficed, and the Over 9000 joke seemed kind of.... eh..

Still, it was pretty funny, especially the banner at the bottom.

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Vach Zoltary

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Ok, this is insulting to me. I don't care about the other parts, but the parts where you put MY STUFF in, I don't like that. Like the EUB, that isn't even on the internet anymore. Then you put BrickitySplit!™ in. Do you not see the trademark sign there? This is just rude and should be disqualified for using someone else's work without permission.

uh oh!

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Uh zach you didn't spend any money to trademark it. So its fairgame.

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This is beautiful, Lucas. I'm laughing throughout the whole video. Plus, you get bonus points for being the only BRAWL entry--thus far--that I've watched twice. How about that! mini/wink

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I've watched it three times. I loved it. Some of the humor is a little strange/crude, yes, but it's all in good fun and that's what I look at it as.

Great job!
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