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Missing Silver is, obviously, a re-creation of Luke 15:8-10 in Lego.
The story is that of the Lost Coins, and illustrates...Well, you'll just have to watch it to find out. To be honest, it's not my best short, as it's just a quick something to show my Youtube subs that I'm still alive.

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Beautiful! mini/smile The set design and animation was superb! Another biblical narrative well re-told!
Say, have you thought of doing movies of some of the battles in the Bible? David and Goliath, or some other war perhaps? That way you could have a bible-based brickfilm as well as action! mini/bigsmile

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Very well done. You put the message across very
Look forward to your upcoming Steam punk.
I had toyed with the idea of steam punk but
alot on my plate right now to get around
giving it the time it deserves.
In your very capable hands I am sure it will be great.
Do you plan on put purchasing any of the new Lego steampunk
sets coming out in July?
Unfortunately for me the set wont be available
in Canada.
Anyways keep up the great work.
Look forward to your review on Tripp Connors & The Golden

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Either I'm just a perfectionist, or ya'll just missed all the flaws, but either way, thanks a lot! mini/yes

@Reel, I'm glad you like it, and while I've thought of doing a more action based Biblical short, I've just not found the right story yet. Perhaps something in David's timeline would work well.

@Antonio, Getting the message across was the main point, so it's great that the short was successful in that.
And thanks for the vote of confidence. mini/wink

I am not aware of any steampunk style Lego sets coming out this year, and so was not planning on using any. Hopefully principle photography will be nearly complete by then. But who knows, there may still have time to integrate something at that point.

It's also nice to see that somebody enjoys my reviews!

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Hey bud.
The Sresmpunk is going to be a part of there
master builder series.
And nothing wrong with being a perfectionist LOL.
But I wouldn't know what that feels like LOL.

Here are 2 links for you on the steam punk Lego. … -496044951 … sneak-peek

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Very well done.

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The only thing I noticed that was an "error" was one minor set bump. Overall I thought this was a pretty well polished little short, Pritchard. The set design, angles, and animation was great!

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Nice simple concept executed nicely, as you said nothing overly big just, niiiiiice. I think you presented the story in a way that people who don't know the story can understand it AND people who do know the story can still enjoy it.

There were a few bits of animation that I found quite nice. I liked the "whiplash" effect idea with the broom, but thought it looked just a bit out of time at some spots.

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Very nice animation, and a great representation.  (The Town Square set you built looked great!)  The animation, for the most part, was very smooth and dynamic, though the sweeping motion seemed rather "rigid" and not very well executed--I think moving the whole minifigure's body would have been much more effective than just moving one hand back and forth.  But this is only a minor problem.  I also liked the lighting of the ""dark attic" space.  On the whole, the only thing I disliked was the constant piano music; somehow, it didn't really fit that well with the rest of the film for me.  But aside from that, great job!

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Thanks for the links Antonio, I wasn't aware of those before.   May have to look into those more.

Outsider, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks.

Walter, just the one? Good, I must be getting better at hiding them. I've got the say, I'm quite proud of the cinematography on this one, and it's great that others agree.

Fanatic, Good, I was hoping that it could be easily understood by those not familiar with the original story.
The whiplash effect was really just to have more motion with the broom. I was looking for something easily animated, that also didn't look too simple.

FlyingMinifig, Yes, the broom effect could have been better. I was trying to balance good looks with something relatively easy animated, but the final result is as you say, a bit rigid. The attic set is also on my "Re-use somewhere" list, and looks nice for it's simplicity. I was surprised how much the light came through the cone, but at least it made a nice effect.

The music does give off a "Charlie Brown" vibe, but I mainly picked it for two reasons:
#1, Consistency with my previous parable short.
#2, It seems to fit the "Conservative Church-y" genre of the story/message.

But I don't intend on using piano music much more, so don't worry. mini/wink