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LEGO Star Wars - Easter 2013

LEGO Star Wars - Easter 2013

Made for Easter 2013 on BiM.
Happy Easter from thefourmonkeys and may the chocolate be with you. @(◠‿◠)@

Re: LEGO Star Wars - Easter 2013

Wow, love the lighting. It sets a great atmosphere.

The animation is up to your usual standards, and the production values as a whole are quite good.  Your only major problem is that it’s not that Easter-y. It’s got a chocolate egg, and that’s it. I love the slower, less hasty pacing, and despite that it still tells a fairly comprehensive story. Everything was going great until that last frame. A still shot, with a digital sideways zoom, and something that wasn’t quite a Punchline, but was intended to be. (Or so I guess.) That may be nit-picking, but truly, that’s just about the only flaw in this. You did a fantastic job.