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Operation Egg Drop

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Join the The Brick-a-Brack Bunch™ as they hunt up some Easter fun for all our LEGO® fans.

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That playground design was really COOL! This video got a laugh out of me. I really liked it!

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Ha, that's great!
This looking great, and that gigantic set really won me over.
Seriously, just how big was that thing? And really, just about all the sets were over-sized. Which is really cool IMHO.

The animation is a bit fast for my liking, but that seems to be what Lego prefers, so whatever.
They're the one's paying that bills now are they not?

The story was short and simple, but effective and cool.
The music was good, but I feel like the action-y music wasn't that action-y, and a better piece could easily be found.
The sounds were done well, and the bunny's scurrying at the start was a great combo of animation and sound effect.

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Thanks everyone! I'll try and post some pictures of the huge sets!

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That was great! Incredible sets!

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Re: Operation Egg Drop

Amazing, as usual. Great job!

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Re: Operation Egg Drop

The set design was my favorite part.

Great work Mobile. mini/smile

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I love it. Its a awesome film and i love the huge sets and trees and things.

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Re: Operation Egg Drop

Thanks everyone! More to come!

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Another swell job! I love your sets to death! That valley was most impressive and the whole film seemed so colourful and had a great look; I really enjoyed the title cards at the beginning.