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THAC X - The Artifact

Original version (YouTube)
Louder audio (YouTube)

Sorry about the audio on the original version, it was dampened a WHOLE LOT for some strange reason.

My entry for the 10th almost-annual Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest (THAC) on Bricks In Motion.
This took me almost exactly 22 hours from start to end

Donald Deagan - Pritchard Studios
Ethan Hawk - GGSStudios

Special thanks to 1011EV and Hazzat.

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Re: [THAC X] The Artifact

I've added a version with boosted audio, although the quality of the sound was lost in the process of boosting it.

It would also be nice to have some feedback on this.

Re: [THAC X] The Artifact

No problem. mini/wink

Story/plot wise, it did have the quite common elements of having a public gathering, with someone on a stage pulling a cloth off of something, so didn't feel that unique. And what I guess was the punch-line at the end kinda fell flat, owning to the fact that I had no idea to Eadwacer was until you told me. Next time, you may want to use an extremely common name that just about everybody would know. Just because you remember an old Saxon's name, doesn't mean we will.

The animation was good, but during Don's speech, his arms moved too quickly, and they didn't always line-up with an emphasis point in the dialogue. Although I thought the "adventurer flashback" was done fairly well.

Was there any particular reason for it not filling the whole player? It doesn't appear to be an odd aspect ratio, and even then, at least two of the sides would be touching the edge.

I give it a "3", the setting was very similar to other videos, and the execution was good, but not without it's flaws.

Re: [THAC X] The Artifact

Nice animation, though the climbing animation should have been a lot slower in my opinion.
Also the line

Spoiler (click to read)

"I am Donald Degan"

made me laugh.
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Re: [THAC X] The Artifact

Thanks guys. I understand your thoughts about the punchline, but I liked it since you would only get it if you knew about the Saxons. Although it might have been a good idea to use a more well-known person....

About the aspect ratio, I filmed in 1280x720. I thought this would fill the player, but is that what caused the bars?

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