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It is my pleasure to announce to you BRAWL 2012!

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Rules & Requirements

Starting at 12 noon GMT on August 19th, 2012 (Greenwich Mean Time), you will have exactly one week to script, animate, edit, and upload a film. Any entries not received by the end of one week time period will be disqualified.
The theme will be announced in a thread titled "BRAWL2012 Starts NOW!" in the General Film Discussion forum
To prevent entrants from creating their films ahead of time, the contest theme, a crucial thematic aspect that entries should include, will not be announced until the contest begins.

In addition to the theme there will be two "mod" elements. The mod elements are visual elements that must be included in every shot of your film to ensure that nothing is animated before the beginning of the one week time period; they are different for every BRAWL and will be announced at the start time.  There will be two kinds of "mod" elements, and entrants only need to ensure that one of the two elements is present in every shot of footage for their film.  The two elements may be used interchangeably throughout the film, and must be physically included in the set, not added in post-production.

  • 1. The first element will be a letter of the alphabet or a numeral.  This symbol will not need to be used as letter or numeral in the context of the film, though it can be; a clear effort to include something in the shape of the letter or number will suffice.

  • 2. The second element will be two LEGO (or other plastic brick) components of two given colors connected to each other, whether by locking into each other by the studs of the brick, or as pieces in a minifigure or technic construction. 
Baseplates and floor pieces will not be allowed to count.

Note: It is not original to make a film about how the element changes from scene to scene and appears in every shot. The element is not intended to be the focus for the film, just a way to ensure entries are made within the one week time period.

Entries must be animated and must be primarily composed of stop motion animation. 3D, Flash, or other animation techniques 
may be used to supplement the stop-motion but may not be the main focus.

  • The film should contain LEGO or similar 'brick' construction toys, such as MEGA Bloks.

  • There must be at least 30 seconds of animation in the entry.  There is no maximum length.

  • Joint entries are allowed, as are multiple entries.

  • Entries may not contain adult language, graphic violence (blood and/or gore) or sexual themes.

While copyrighted/trademarked properties are allowed, you are discouraged from basing your movie off of preexisting films 
or franchises (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.). It's not original, and will hurt your chances in the judging process.

music may be used, but if you do not wish to do so, you are permitted to create original music beforehand; music does not have 
to be created within the one week time limit.

Length and Format

To ensure that all entries are viewable by everyone, a version of the video with a maximum file size of 10 megabytes per minute must be submitted within the one week time period. For compatibilty and consistency entries must be encoded using one of the following codecs: 
Realvideo (Realmedia), DivX (in a .avi file),.wmv Windows Media or .mov (Quicktime).
*The above paragraph does not apply if you upload to Youtube, provided you choose a format accepted by the site.

  • It is recommended that you upload to Mediafire. The site is simple to use and does not require an account.

  • Alternatively, you may upload to Youtube. However, instead of setting the privacy as "Public", ensure that you change it to "Unlisted". This means that the only way to watch the film is if you have the link. Send the link in an e-mail afterwards.

  • Other hosts not mentioned here are acceptable, assuming they keep your file private and do not require an account to access.

You may upload a high quality version if you want, but your film thread must contain the one you submit in the e-mail as 

You may also upload a version to or or any other website once the one week time period has passed, and include this when you submit your film to the Releases forum.

Entries must be linked to me in an email, at an address to be announced at the start time.  You will need a working email address in order to submit your entry.


Judging will occur over the next few days after the contest has ended.
Judging Panel: Goliathan, JustKidden, Chris W., Squash

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Re: BRAWL 2012

Yeah! I'll enter this, not so sure I'll enter into Kitchen Sink...

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?

Re: BRAWL 2012


The one week I'm out of town...

EDIT: Just found out that I'd be gone for the entire week. :C Have fun guys!

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Re: BRAWL 2012

Definitely entering this! mini/bigsmile

(If I like the theme. mini/wink )

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Re: BRAWL 2012

MrLegoProductions wrote:

Definitely entering this! mini/bigsmile

(If I like the theme. mini/wink )

I'm entering, regardless of the theme.

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Re: BRAWL 2012

Well, I hope I can enter this time too. I loved last year's theme, and I hope it's as interesting as that one.

Re: BRAWL 2012

YESS! mini/bigsmile
I regretted missing the last one. mini/smile

Re: BRAWL 2012

Will enter this as it is not as complicated as kitchen sink. mini/smile

Re: BRAWL 2012

Sigh, I start high school that same week, But I'll try to enter.

I'm back, not like you guys cared

Re: BRAWL 2012

August 19th?

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Re: BRAWL 2012

Oh yes, I shall definitely enter this! This is gonna be so awesome! mini/tongue

Re: BRAWL 2012

I couldn't enter last time because I found out about it on the day it ended. I shall enter this time, though.

Re: BRAWL 2012

YES! Prizes are TBA, right? Also, every single frame there has to be the mod element? Seriously? What about every shot?

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Re: BRAWL 2012

Hmmm BRAWL Contest i'm not to sure what contest to enter now  I'm just gonna flip the table now and have another break from brickfilming

Re: BRAWL 2012

I'm definatly entering.
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Re: BRAWL 2012

I'll enter as well hopefully.

Re: BRAWL 2012

Thank you Goliathan! I'm entering mini/sunnies

Re: BRAWL 2012

Can't enter this year, sadly.


It just so happens that that week is my moving week so dang

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Re: BRAWL 2012

Right now I'm doing a super rushed film and I'm starting to get better at making films faster. So I may possibly enter this if I like the theme, completely regardless of prizes.

Just make sure you get a solid judging panel with plenty of free time who are good at that sort of thing.

Re: BRAWL 2012

I am totally going to enter!

Ahhh yeah!!!