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THAC 9: Stranded


A small group of pirates find themselves in a rather peculiar situation.

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Despite the 'why are they sailing on dry land' nitpick, this is brilliant. I loved the snappy dialogue, the word-perfect ending, the surprisingly good cinematography/set design, and of course...the creepy guy. That shot will both haunt my nightmares and make my stomach burst with laugher.

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I laughed out loud quite a couple of times.

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That shot with Creepy Guy was ridiculously amazing, as was the rest of the film.

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One of my favorite entries, good job.

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I cried tears of joy just from how awesome this brickfilm was. Kudos.
Anyway, great set, great animation, and great voice acting all make a great film.
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Oh, I laughed a lot at this. That creepy guy it's pure genious. Probably my favourite entrie so far. 5/5