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I am going to cut to the chase.

I am resigning.

Over the past several months I have tried my best to work on Bricks in Motion. It's my brain child and I have wanted so much for it to succeed under my leadership in the year that I've been running it, but in going through college and trying to maintain a normal life I find myself needing to spend less and less time working with this wonderful community in order to provide for myself in both the present and the future. I have enjoyed the fellowship that this community generates so much and I sincerely hope that it is never lost, but it definitely time for me to accept reality and let someone who can provide more support and guidance step in and take over.

So, effective immediately, Sméagol will be taking over as site admin. I believe he has foresight and good ideas for how this community can continue to grow healthily. I have full confidence in him. mini/smile

Please join me as I say, welcome Sméagol!


P.S.- Just to clarify, Bricks in Motion will continue to be hosted for free by myself so that any revenue generated by the community can go right back into contests and etc.

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Re: Resignation

Thank you for your generosity and support for the community over the years.  I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the following months as we work to complete what remains to be done on BiM and continue to expand the site in the future.

Re: Resignation

Bye Schlaeps, everyone is thankful for your contributions for us. Hopefully you can drop bye once in a while, wink wink.

Re: Resignation

Woah, that was unexpected, but I guess, also kind of expected, now that I think about it. I think that Sméagol will do a wonderful job running the site; good choice, Schlaeps. Thank you for the site, Schlaeps; we'll miss you.

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Re: Resignation

I, for one, welcome our new Stoor overlord.

Re: Resignation

Thank you, Schlaeps, for creating this galactic sandbox and letting us play in it. You will be missed, my friend. Of all the souls of admins I've encountered in the past, yours was the most...*sniffles*...human. mini/sad

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Re: Resignation

Yay Smeagol mini/bigsmile

Thanks for all you've done Schlaeps, you created great foundations.

Re: Resignation

We'll miss you. You've done so much for the community and we'll never forget you for that.

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Re: Resignation

mini/lol @ Night Owl.  Thanks for the welcoming, guys, hopefully I will have a chance to let everybody know what the plans for the near future are very soon.  We have work to do.

Re: Resignation

Thank you for lighting the spark that will become the bonfire, Schlaeps.

I look forward to seeing and helping transform BiM into a fully-functional and operational website.

Philip, everyone else, LET'S DO THIS THING!

Re: Resignation

Sméagol wrote:

mini/lol @ Night Owl.  Thanks for the welcoming, guys, hopefully I will have a chance to let everybody know what the plans for the near future are very soon.  We have work to do.

I call dibs on refurnishing the BIM lounge!

Re: Resignation

I know we're all going to miss you Schlaeps. You brought this site up and made us all so joyful. I guess time moves on. So, in that case, I can't wait to see what Smeagol does. Knowing Smeagol he'll be here a lot more than Schlaeps could have been.

You tried your best Schlaeps. We appreciate that.

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Re: Resignation

Schlaeps, I am grateful that I was able to be under your rule. When I first came To the refugee camp (when it first started) I was scared, and didn't know the ways of the site. I thought admins were far away people, never giving any feedback. But once I decided to contact you, you were able to answer my questions in a welcoming way. For this I thank you. I would have never known how great this community is. I have seen this site grow into what we see today, and I can say "hey I somewhat know the guy who made this. He helped me out once when I was new." Good luck with college and feel free to stop by.

I agree with your decision to put Smeagol in charge. I think that many more improvements will come to this site under his rule. Congratulations Smeagol!

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Re: Resignation

Thank you Schlaeps, and good luck in your future endeavours.

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Re: Resignation

I knew this day would come ...although I thought it would be more later on. Someone on teh_lolums posted that you resigned Schlaeps, so I had to come here.

Schlaeps, you tried and did could, but could have done better... though I still want to thank you for being an awesome admin. The main reason I left this place (even though it's been, what, two weeks?) is because this site wasn't doing as well as it should have been. And I suppose now that Smeagol is our admin, he can devote more time.

So once again, thanks for the work Schlaeps, and thanks for trying to finish it.
I think if this site picks up in the next while I'll stay here again. I can see this place picking up with new management.
Congrats Smeagol! I know you'll do great.

EDIT: Hey cool! Seans emotes are up. Thanks Smeagol (or Schlaeps or whoever changed them). mini/smile
EDIT 2: Btw, someone probably should update the front page about this.

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Re: Resignation mini/sad I always liked schlaeps, since the day I joined this site back in may. mini/sad goodbye schlaeps, I'll miss you.

but welcome smeagol, I hope you serve well.

Re: Resignation

StevieCollins wrote:

EDIT 2: Btw, someone probably should update the front page about this.

I added an announcement on the forums, it doesn't really concern the general public so I don't think it probably needs a front page announcement.

Re: Resignation

And thus ends the reign of Schlaeps the First. Many thanks for everything you've done for this community. I believe you've made the right choice in naming Sméagol as your successor.

Sméagol, I believe you'll do a great job...either that or become obsessed with power and turn into a small Gollum-ish creature... mini/tongue

Re: Resignation

Thanks so much for all you have done for us! I am sad to see you go, but I know Smeagol will do an excellent job in your place! Thanks! mini/smile

Re: Resignation

Look, I don't want it to sound like I don't appreciate what Schlaeps has done for this community (I do, very much), but Schlaeps (and this site), wether you guys want to admit it or not, was a big reason for the split in the first place. If Schlaeps didn't create this site, he wouldn't have been kicked out of his admin position, which ultimately started the split. Now, It's not all his fault, some of the blame definitely has to be placed on how thickasabrick handled the situation, and how the community was so quick to leave after Schlaeps got kicked out of adminship (myself included). However, it just doesn't seem right for Schlaeps to create an alternative brickfilming site that he probably anticipated would put him under some heat, and then not follow through on finishing it when the community flocked to it, looking for a new home. This new version of the site is not much of an improvement over the old one without the addition of the directory and resources, and (unless I'm mistaken) there isn't anyone who is going to take over creating the rest of the site.

Schlaeps, I appreciate that you've tried to make this site feel like home, and I understand how much life can get in the way of a big project like this, but you should have at least finished (or at the very least, gotten someone else to finish all the coding for) the site before you chose to resign. I support Smeagol and whatever his plans may be to improve the site and community, but it really feels to me that you didn't follow through on your promise. I just feel like I have to get that out. I wish you well in the rest of your life, and I do hope you will at least stick around with us as the site evolves.


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