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The Audition


A poor chap's battle against an interviewer who knows exactly what he wants.

I made this for school - a slightly different edit will be shown before this year's prom!

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As I've said on YouTube, this was brilliant. :) Coughing animation looked cool, and your voice acting was fantastic as usual. The weird ending was very funny. xD
Once, I got a leading role in a musical by auditioning with the Pirates who don't do Anything song. xD

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I really liked this, good job Hazzat.

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Re: The Audition

Yep, this is what the entertainment industry is coming to. mini/lol

I thought it was well-done, clever, and VERY funny!  Great work, Harry!

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Fantastic animation mini/wink
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5/5, really funny and really good animation... oh, what am I saying? mini/confused  I can't even criticize you! Your like the mast at this stuff! Great job! mini/smile mini/smile