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I lik Dino Crises

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Hi, I'm NXTManiac
I'm the robot guy and the guy who's making Kazoo mini/bigsmile
I like brickfilming and art and Lego. Go me!:mrgreen:


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Hello good sirs!

I'm Steve. People call me Steve or Stevie, my real name is Stephen, don't call me Stephen.
I'm 14, turning 15 in September.  I'm 5 ft 11.  I weigh 9 stone.... umm..
I like to:

Watch brickfilms and make brickfilms.
Play badminton, the odd time.
Play rugby.
Watch Family Guy, Fawlty Towers (and more of the British comedy classics like Monty Python)
And more.


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(Did you ever expect anything else as a first post from me?)

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i am a hawk. i am a freak my youtube name is redhawkfreak. i am a noob brickfilmer. and i like cheese. ps: i am canadian mini/tongue

brickfilmin can be more addictive then chocolate covered crack

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I'm filmyguy. I film most of the time, and I'm a guy. Basically. But I guess you could tell that from my name. mini/smile


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My name is Daragh ( Pronounced dara, and this is aimed at the people who don't live in Ireland ). I recently turned 14 and and I live in Ireland.

I was ( I think ) the first brickfilmer in Ireland and live near ex-school mate, Stevie Collins. I enjoy; Brickfilming, playing sports; mainly soccer, going to the cinema, playing piano and guitar and hangin' with friends.

Erm...I'm also 4.3 feet fall and I have braces....Thats all I can think of now. Peace out.


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Hello there, my friends.

I'm Brandon, otherwise known as DarthVincentPrice here and as LannyOnasis on YouTube, and I'll be 18 in June next year.
My main hobbies include Brickfilming and acting as well as dancing.  I really love the acting, though.  I make Brick-shorts (I've not made a movie, yet, unless you count my pretty bad Penguin Strikes Back movie on YouTube) and music videos mostly to Michael Jackson but some other artists.  (Btw, further Michael Jackson music videos are on a long hiatus.)
Outside of this, I'm lookin' for colleges near home and am maintaining good greats in high school.
I think I've said too much-- can't let you know more than the average bear. mini/lol
And, if we're pulling height into this (yay), I'm 5'6" with a very low haircut.

If you want to know more, you could visit my MySpace or send me an E-mail.  Shoot, this feels like a MySpace "About Me" section.  lol

"Heal the world.  Make it a better place...." -Michael Jackson
"I like to stroke them." -Hazzat ←YouTube!
-Jedi Master, DarthVincentPrice, who's retired...again... from the animation. Voicing's still a go!

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Hi folks!

I'm Curtis, but you might know me as Yo-Blob.  From 2003 till '04 0r '05 I was know as Yodablob at brickfilms.  I used to creep the super duper old brickfilms forums (on ezboard or something) and I became a member once the new (back then) board was implemented. 
I'm a filmmaker at heart, whether they be brickfilms, live action, or something else.
I come to the site usually once a day, but I seem to rarely post (it took me from 2003 until 2008 to get 740 posts on
I like music (especially The Beatles, Billy Joel, Bright Eyes, and really, most rock n' roll!)
There's more, but you'll get the gist of my personality by seeing me around the forums (if you haven't already!) mini/smile

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Hi everyone!

My name is Jordan Harris. I'm a highschooler (home-schooled) in Reno, Nevada. I enjoy all kinds of art, from drawing to writing to making movies to digital art and graphic design. I'm working on an animated film and a novel right now. I like:

- Cows
- Beautiful films
- Idaho (My grandparents live there. Good place.)
- Mountains
- Skiing
- Swimming

- Leo

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Hi i'm Kevin Donovan and I command a Legion of crab soldiers who fight ducks and other creatures

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My name is DoyleProductions. I write stories, generally long ones, eat, sleep and drink(no alcohol!) and brickfilm.
I am currently writing a book, like Leonado.

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Hey, Richard here. I'm 1/4 dutch, 3/4 english. I live in the United Kingdom. I sleep naked, I like skateboarding, driving, football, photography, women, brickfilming, playing computer games, women and sleeping.

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Greetings my fellow fellows, My name is Tanner a.k.a Moo-C-J. I am 12 (EDIT: 13 now of 03/05/2009) years old.
I live in Canada in Lloydminster practically the middle of nowhere as I call it. I enjoy kalamari, listening to Twisted Sister, making brickfilms even if they suck, hanging with/my friends on the gallows, cracking jokes, snowmobiling, quading, ticking off tele-marketers and building lego. I do not enjoy hearing someone say Mega Bloks are better than Lego.

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Hey I've been hanging around for two and a half years now. I mostly lurk. I haven't been hanging around that much lately.
I think most of you people know me, but for the people who don't, here are some things:
I don't brickfilm, I voice act. I have three brothers on here who brickfilm, they are: Twobit, Shale and Captain Bulldog. I am a girl ( mini/eek big shocker, eh?). I love music, and I play piano and sing. I love acting. I watch way too many TV shows online. I have a blog, if you want to read it click on my website link. I'm a quarter of an inch away from 5'6. I have two feet of blond hair. Umm that pretty much covers it... If you want to know more about me just read my blog.

Hello... It's been a while, hasn't it?

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I'm Brendan Krick. I've been around for awhile, but I've been lurking lately and focusing on live action.

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Yo. I'm fib12345. I'm a ninja. I've been brickfilming for a year or so. I started with the LSW Movie Making Contest. I've been on BF for a short while until the directory went down (for BF 3.0 to be made) so I came to BiM. I've been on BiM for a while, anxiously waiting the new site (ITS FINALLY OUT!!!). According to my signature, I made the first DUBBLE POZT on the new site.

Brickmation Entertainment: Yeah. We animate. I do a little series called Mike and Ike alone, and I'm working on a series called Pen Pals with KinzCove (MysteryCo.).


"actuallly this involves spiderman too, not batman. but im also taking a new approach, more comedy, less action. i dont see to many movies like that with more comedy than action" --SteveStarfyTV on an Indiana Jones meets Star Wars idea.

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Sparks wrote:

I don't brickfilm

Oh yeah?!

I'm Colin Boyle. I'm a 20-year-old college student from NJ. Exciting, right? I love reading and writing and all that jazz. I spend way too much time animating action figure skits (first episode coming soon) and brickfilms, and I do a thrice-weekly webcomic with an accompanying blog in which I natter on about random things. Actually, I should be updating that right now. mini/eek

I hate the taste of mint.

Edit: I've been brickfilming since the summer of 2005.

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hello, I'm Owen, the O in NO.

sine the new BiM has come out, I have taken some revelations, instead of doing total lolz, I decided to transfer to the more 'mature" type, instead.

although I'm just 9 mini/blankexpression I am the youngest brickfilmer, but that doesn't matter, nice to greet you.

I keep on not brickfilming slowly, I haven't animated anything in 2 months.  I am a mac user, very nice.

hence my new avatar, I use it for my revelation.