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This was our entry into the bricksinmotion Septemberfest2010 contest.
The theme was "no dialogue".
The entry placed 6th in the contest.

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Re: He's Late Again

As always, flawless animation and set design. The story was excellent and you displayed it well. I loved it! mini/bigsmile

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Re: He's Late Again

Thank you so much for the lovely comment, it's very much appreciated!! mini/bigsmile

Re: He's Late Again

i love it too.
it was great how you did the people looking at their watches!
mini/bigsmile  keep up the great work!

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Re: He's Late Again

I'd have to say your animation has improved in this video. It looks a lot better since your last.

Besides the fact that I didn't really understand what the story was about, I really liked it. The technical aspects were great as always. mini/smile


what could have been: jeffrey and the old man make some robots
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Re: He's Late Again

I love how you guys have this mammoth street setting.