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Here is my entry to the 2010 Septemberfest Animation Contest mini/smile

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Without a doubt this, in my opinion, deserves to win Septemberfest. I have recently started to take much liking to LGFB Studios after his recent releases like Mr. Bad Frame and The Man of All Leisure, and was quietly excited about this release. I honestly loved this, with witty humor, fantastic facial expressions, this film really shows how to make a silent film.

The beginning I must admit was a bit iffy, with some awkward framing and jumpy animation, however it quickly caught my attention with some nice arm animation, and the character himself made me smile. The plot is simplistic but has nice twists and ideas, such as the original idea of drawn facial expressions, as apposed to bad edited-in mouth animation. I especially enjoyed the last bit with the artist.

Technically the film is about normal, with nothing striking but nothing really that under average. Some ups and downs really, such as the afore mentioned odd framing techniques, and the facial aspects. The lighting is a non-applicable due to the effect, but nevertheless it creates a nice enough atmosphere. Animation is quite good, and overall you can see even more improvements. LGFB certainly has shown a spectacular jump from amateur to, once again in my opinion, highly respected brickfilmer.

Sound: 4/10
Music: 7/10
Animation: 6/10
Effects: N/A
Plot: 9/10
Cinematography: 6/10
Overall: 26/50 (Due to the N/A category)

Overall I'd say personally this deserves to win Septemberfest, with it's clever theme adaption and fabulous originality. It does have some close competitors, but this is just something special. A big congratulations to LGFB on his achievement and I will happily look forward to more.

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Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Thanks LegOpinions. You make the best brickfilm reviews!

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

We totaly agree with LegOpinions: LGFB has definitely become a great brickfilmer (and he is only 13!).
"Mouth" is a funny, original film which is also technically very good. mini/bigsmile
Congrats, LGFB! We hope you win this contest. Keep up the good work!

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Fantastic animation dude! That was awesome, and funny too! mini/lol
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Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Thank you! I am very glad that you like my movie!

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Another great one LGFB.  After seeing Mr. Bad Frame and Time to Run (something like that), I've looked forward to your films.  Some of Mouth was predictable, but you still presented your story in a creative way.  Great entry!

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Nicely done!  I enjoyed the creative arm movements and eye expressions.  The "silent film" feeling was a great touch and well executed.  mini/smile

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Amazing! mini/delirium

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Thanks again for your comments!

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

One of my favorites. Good job, man.


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Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Hilarious, well executed, and an excellent entry.  My favorite part was the facial animations, absolutely amazing. 

A very big 4/5

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Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Thanks guys!

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry


Check the Vimeo version for better quality! mini/bigsmile

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

nice work. the animation wasn't the best, but the story made up for it! mini/yes

Re: Mouth -Septemberfest Entry

Thank you!

My ''Mouth'' has been reviewed, but I'm a bit confusing... why the sound of my film was not rated? mini/confused

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