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Here is a list to get good quality Royalty Free Music for little to no price.

Places to Get Music Free:]

Musopen ~These guys basically look at classical music pieces that are about to lose their royalty, and release them to the public domain when they do. Great for the peice playing on your character's phonograph.

Incompetech ~The King of royalty free music, Kevin MacLeod. His stuff is under the Creative Commons like most of the stuff here. While his stuff is overused, there is a reason for this. It's good. much of his older work is free.

PacDv ~This seems pretty legit. The music sounds good and he does sound effects too, all he asks is for you to credit him.

Sonnyboo ~ The website is a little less than user friendly, but you aren't paying, so you get what you payed for.

SoundClick ~Once again, seems legit, I don't see where to download right off the bat though.

Brick-Trick ~A decent library from the German Brickfilming site BrickTrick, they composed some nice stuff here. ~This stuff isn't too bad, and all you need to do is credit him. I don't know how large his selection is though.

YouTube ~It appears YouTube has a royalty free music library for creators to use.

Places to Get Music For a Fee]

Music Loops ~ From what I've seen, not a bad site. A lot of the music is cheap in price, and the quality is higher than many of the other sites on the list.

Fresh Music ~ Much of what I've found is fairly good in quality. I don't know about the price tag though, that may be a bit excessive.

Royalty Free Music ~ These are fairly high in quality, and tend to have longer running times. Super expensive though, I would only recommend this if you have money you don't mind burning.

SoundClick ~ This music can get expensive, just a warning. But they do have some free stuff as well. The music is alright in quality. Not sure how much I recommend the paid tracks.

MachinimaSound ~ While having a history based in video game media, they've opened their gates a bit more. The music tends to be cheap in price, and they have multiple options for licencing. They have a smaller selection though.

Incompetech ~ Kevin MacLeod again. Much of his newer work is available for a small price and is no longer free entirely, if you find the price acceptable, you can grab it, its still royalty free.

Here is a list of places to get good quality Sound for little to no price.

Places to Get Sounds Free]

The Freesound Project ~ This site has a pretty large library and a lot of good content. The quality varies as there numerous contributors, but its fairly dependable, and well used by the Brickfilmer community. An account is necessary to download. Resources ~ Lovely collection here, small, yes. But they are good quality.

Bargus ~Fairly sure these are free, but they sound good, and they are under the creative commons. Sound Library ~And lets not forget our dear pioneering little library. And there are some good recordings too.

Flashkit ~The sounds here are good to use, I think it seems pretty decent.

FXHome ~Nice little library here, good for what they advertise.

FreeSFX ~ These guys are currently in Beta and they claim their sounds are absolutley free as long as you don't sell them alone for profit. I don't know if they will stay this way, but the sounds are great. (they saved me during THAC.) So go ahead and take a browse. You are required to make an account to use these.

GDC Audio Bundle(s) ~ This is a little different. Soniss is a royalty-free-for-a-fee site that has recently started doing an annual dump of royalty-free sound effects to celebrate GDC. They are high quality and come in a large collection, so feel free to grab it and sift around, or dig around online for the batch from the previous year.

Places to Get Sounds for a Fee]

SoundSnap ~These are incredibly good, but a bit pricey. 

SoundDogs ~They are priced per sound, but they are never the less, good.

Audio Network ~Once again, priced per sound, but these are pretty good quality, so go ahead.

Audio Jungle ~Formerly Soungle, high quality sound effects library, with pretty forgiving prices.
Although this is the place to get royalty free music in a hurry, finding a composer has proven to be hard as well.
Tom Gudde T.G-Tom]
A respected member and an experienced composer, Tom is a well appreciated member who has made a return to BricksinMotion recently. Tom composes for a variety of people but composes only if your work is decent, so don't just throw anything his way.
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Spencer Olson OlsonStudios]
Also a well known member, Spencer composes for most brickfilmers provided the work is quality.
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Dylan Johnson Dyland]
A fairly old member, Dyland composes orchestral, electronic, piano, and psychedelic rock soundtracks. He will compose regardless of the content of the film under the condition that he see it before composing.
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Gabriel Ness megagill74]
Gabriel is a newer member, and mainly composes orchestral and classical music. He composes for brickfilmers provided the work is quality. He will not compose for work containing explicit content.
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Jonathan Ormandy Cooked Cat]
A fairly regular member, Jonathan and a friend of his have been composing for a while now. Jon is willing to try many genres but prefers fast paced work. He will compose for you under the condition that he can see the work first.
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Guy Commanderson If I Were A Minifig]
Guy is an active member of BiM. While preferring orchestral music, he is flexible and willing to try other genres and types. Except for rap music.
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Kristóf Fekete-Kovács Arginnon]
Arginnon is a fairly active member and has been around for a while. He composes electronic music.
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If you are a musician and want to get noticed for what you do. Feel free to drop me a PM or post in here. Make sure to include:

  • Your Username or the name you go by.

  • What genre you mainly compose or you like to compose (Techno, instrumental)

  • Some examples of your work

  • Exceptions or requirements before you compose (Ex. I only compose for certain members, I want to see your work first...)


    • Although many people compliment its quality, does not offer music under the creative commons licence. And those who are caught using their music without a licence will be forced to take the video down and will pay a fine.

    • Findsounds is a search engine, not a library, so you have a 50-50 chance of it being free of copyrights.

    If you have anything to add, please list it in the comments.

    Credit to,, and users on for providing information on these sites

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