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Shall do, thanks William!

Feel free to add me to the original post on the thread too. my real name is John Denno and my main genres are classical, folk and jazz. Classical Sample, and Jazz sample. For a folk sample, go to my channel and listen to Tavern, I'm only allowed to post 2 links.

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The list has been updated for THAC 2017 with the addition of some new entries, removal of outdated entries, and some relocations.

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You guys should check out Free Music Archive -

There's a ton of interesting Creative Commons music there, it's been super useful for me. You can filter different types of licenses (share-alike, non-commercial) too.

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I'd appreciate it if i could be added as a composer, pm sent.

I go by Demark, my real name is Leandro Wagner, i used to be a active brickfilmer between 2009 and 2014, since then i've concentrated on making music.

I work with synthesizers, primarly the Korg M1 and similiar synths from that time like the DX7, Juno, Wurlitzer, Fairlight, and drum machines like Acetone Rhythm, Akai, Boss DR series, Casio, Kawai, and a lot more.

I do instrumental Synthpop and anything pertaining to synthesizers.

Examples of my music are below.

Obviously to properly score anything, i would need to see the film and get some direction for what is wanted.

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Here are a few more sites that have free music available: (I know this one is featured in the original post, but that's in the sound effects section)
This may help you with your BRAWL entries mini/smile


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Hey everyone, just a heads up; I've given a major update to the first post for the thread. I've gone through and removed any dead links and defunct websites, so now everything listed should be current. I've also added a bunch of new more current sites to visit, courtesy of additional research and suggestions from you guys. I've also gone ahead and given the post a visual facelift, so we don't have to look at the older dated banners with Photobucket watermarks strewn over them. And finally, I've updated the warnings section, and added disclaimer copy to the composer section. If there are any issues or further suggestions anyone has, let me know and I'll look into it!

Re: Royalty Free Music and Sound is a great freemium music platform that also has sound effects for the premium subscription. A free account is limited to 10 downloads a month and not all of the songs. It also doesn't include the sfx. I use uppbeat for all my videos.

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