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The Desktop Squared


According to my calculations, Mr. Overalls has bad luck.

Re: The Desktop Squared

A short amusing clip. Nicely done.

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The DIE part was kind of hard to read, but other than that, it was very cartoony. Your animation seems to never fail mini/wink Great job! mini/bigsmile

-Tejas VIM

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The part where Mr. O dies is epicly epic. mini/bigsmile

I do not care about your opinion, unless it has to do with it needing more ponies.

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Epic. Your work never fails to amaze me.

'look like it was shot at 2 FPS by a blindfolded five year old boy with broken fingers and no thumbs.' -PushOver
I'll be back animating soon! Exams and computer faults are keeping me away </3

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Re: The Desktop Squared

Your work still continues to leave us open-mouthed!  The animation was great, and the story was quite funny as well!  5/5 stars for you! mini/bigsmile

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Thanks everyone! mini/smile