3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Recommended FilmHalfheartedly

by Joshua Nelson

8 Cold Comfort

by rstudios

9 Top 5 Stop Motion Special Effects 4

by Lights Camera and Lego

10 Hollywood Sucks 2 Director's Cut

by funmiproductions

11 Ferien am Nordpol

by AoW-Gamer

13 My first Brickfilm

by ISBrickProductions

15 Tired

by AwesomepantsFilms

16 BLOOD - A Lego Horror Film

by JaguarBrickFilms

17 CHOICES - A Lego War Film

by JaguarBrickFilms

18 The Photographer: A Brick-Film

by Giraffeboy329

19 Justified

by osomstudios

20 Isolation

by SurfSmurf778

22 Ninja Battle: A Brick-FIlm

by Giraffeboy329

23 The Hunt For the THING!!

by BCStrike

24 The BONE Collector

by Porg studios

26 Night Of Burning Souls

by DeMark

27 Luster

by Chaizin

28 Cursed Abbey

by Redbrickstudio


by Jedindy

31 Old West Argument

by hirschundelch

34 Out of Order (Rocket Ship Fail)

by Woodrow Village

35 Zombieman Legend

by Joshua Nelson

36 The Revenge of the Pants

by JuiceBoxStudios

37 The Deaf Sailor

by Yetgo

40 The Keepers

by Unity Productions