3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Star Chicken

by Brickhumour

5 What Do You Think?

by JaguarBrickFilms

6 Lego Hot Fuzz

by Brickworks Creative

7 Lego Ninja's Duel Showdown

by Lights Camera and Lego

8 Paperboi

by motivecap

9 Song of Basmanov

by ClonedOriginals

11 Finders Keepers

by Greenshirt

16 "Plastic toy"

by pomegranate

17 Recommended FilmFantasy, Op. 3 | LEGO Brickfilm

by BrickGuffinWolffe


by Joshua Nelson

19 Gingerbread Mans Robot Adventure

by CarJumpStudio

20 Recommended FilmA Brickfilm Christmas

( Pages 1 2 ) by thistof

21 Have a Break Edwin

by Blandeer

23 Timothy's Tuxedo

by AwesomepantsFilms

27 Lego Spider-Man gets robbed

by LegoBoi334

29 LEGO Thanksgiving

by hennisonanimations

31 Fred hates his job

by toad productions

32 Split - THAC XVIII

by Mighty Wanderer

33 THAC XVIII - The Plan

by BlueBrick

34 LEGO Darth Vader Christmas

by hennisonanimations

35 LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy

by hennisonanimations

38 Gorg (THAC XVIII)

by Shahriar

39 The Broken Cog - THAC XVIII

by PaceStudios2012