85 LEGO The Hopeless Word

by Hedgerow Films

87 Adrift

by TheMehEnthusiast

88 Republic Commando

by Really Silly Fella

89 Arda Farda Virus

by Really Silly Fella

90 Mandalorian Mayhem!

by JacobCrow

91 Mandalorian Mayhem!

by JacobCrow

92 Catilina Sergiev and the Bucket

by Brickstorming

93 8-Clos

by Merriaz

95 Last Stand: Rebuilt

by mysteriouspi


by Leena, Mom of Nachiketas

100 Invisible Bully

by Noob Builds

102 A Clone is Never Alone

by StrutsStudios

103 Eclipse Phase

by Growth productions

104 Winter Soldier Motorcycle Test

by Fiontar Floinn

105 Love and Binary

by thefourmonkeys

106 How to perhaps get a girlfriend

by Piece of Brick Films

107 A Traveler’s Tale | FINAL CUT | 18+ ONLY

by TinyMushroomFilmsYT

110 LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Recap

by Kociarz Studios


by Leena, Mom of Nachiketas

113 Bury That Body!

by JOCo

114 Lego City Fight: Part 1

by leg0rz

115 It Might Be Time

by C LEGO Films

118 Lego Moon Knight - Vengeance

by Teutonic Pictures

120 The Titanic in 5 Minutes!

by BuggoBricks