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The Desktop - Sucker!

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i rated it 5 bricks thats more than 2

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I lost many a LEGO man in this way.

Ha keep up the good work, NXT, everything was perfect.

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WHY CAN'T I BE SO AWESOME!!  lol  i loved it--especially the intense masking! mini/yes   5/5

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Great animation as always. 

Glad to see something from you after, well, not seeing anything from you. mini/smile

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I loved this film. Loved loved love loved this film. If there's anything I had to nitpick about it, I really don't like the placement of the thought bubble, but the animation more than makes up for it.

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I agree with Littlebrick, the thought bubble was a little weird.
Now, get on with pancake island. mini/tongue
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Re: The Desktop - Sucker!

YESH! Another Desktop FTW!!
Loved the amazing masking at the end where

Spoiler (click to read)

the vacuum gets to him

jstudios wrote:

Now, get on with pancake island.

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Living LEGO wrote:
jstudios wrote:

Now, get on with pancake island.

And Viva. And Kazoo. And......

Gawd, you have so many unfinished projects I, liek, can't count them on my fingers!

Also, good work on this.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your missing fingers, goldencamera. Was there some sort of gruesome accident, or were you born that way? mini/tongue

NXT, thanks for making a fun little short that totally made me giggle childishly.

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That was absolutely wonderful! I loved it.


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Might I ask, were those green and red lights digital or did you have actual green and red lights shining on the set?

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They seemed like just a digital effect done in Final Cut or After Effects. Not to hard of an effect to make a tint for every frame or so.

Cute little short, awesome fun watching it and i watched the being sucked in part over and over in quicktime.
Great job.

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Your a masking genius.  No doubting this is the best "The Desktop" yet.  Your fans were waiting and I am very sure they got what they wanted.

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