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I am SUPER dissapointed that alot of my favorite lego lines got canceled. especcialy Batman. They never made a dark knight set! Well here you can talk about some sets that you would like to see happen. It can be for any line!:) Heres what I want.

I want them to make a Lego Batman set with Mad Hatter or Clayface. They should make bring back the Lego Harry Potter line! WHY IS IT CANCELED?!?!?

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Re: Lego Sets that You Want

I would like lego to add another ship for the pirate theme, a ship for the imperial soldiers. Also I think there should be a civil war theme mini/smile and lego should make a 18th century castle theme like european monarchs like George II and Louis XIV also I would like lego to make COLONIAL and 18th century wigs for minifigs, that are white, red, and black that have curls mini/smile and maybe a marie antoinette minifigure, mine sucks