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An entry into THAC 8. It really has no plot tbh, just a guys ambitions shattered because he died.

Re: [THAC 8] Unfulfilled

I didn't really see where the theme came in but otherwise it was highly enjoyable. Good work Rich.

Re: [THAC 8] Unfulfilled

How do you not get it, it's about a guy with the ambition to have a happy christmas yet he dies in hospital.

Good work Richard

Re: [THAC 8] Unfulfilled

I never said I didn't get it, I said I didn't see the theme really. It's just my opinion.

Re: [THAC 8] Unfulfilled

Short, but shocking. I absolutely love how it cuts to the dark and cruel reality. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make the fantasy seem more bright and colourful to create an even more shocking contrast to reality.


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