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Athena's Birth IN BRICKS


What the christ were these guys smoking to come up with something like this?

Here we have my comical retelling of the Greek myth based on the birth of Athena. Made for school.

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Hugely entertaining. The animation isn't perfect but that's all part of the style. Very well written. Oh and Jargon, you're the best.

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I love you so much...
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That was quite fun to watch and voice. The b-movie style worked well here. Also, congratulations on completing this in such a short time.

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The music fitted just perfectly and i loved the voice-acting.
Cinematography was great, and the animation was okay, imo.

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I really liked that. The animation and styling was highly enjoyable. And Jargon did a great job with the voice acting.

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I do not care about your opinion, unless it has to do with it needing more ponies.

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Thank you kindly, guys. The Quickcam Pro 4000 has stuck with me for more than 4 years now, but soon it shall be time to put it to rest...

... After THAC 8. The Canon T2i is in my grasp, young ones.

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This is the REAL story of Athenas birth.

Someone tricked Zeus into eating a magic fly. He soon got a head ache. His 'doctor' chopped the top of his head off and out popped Athena mini/wink

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Yeah, that's definitely what REALLY happened.

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Congrats on the staff favorite, Tim. mini/bigsmile

All I can say is that I laughed out loud multiple times.


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Ahahahahaha the best part is when Athena comes out of Zeus's head and it turns yellow... AHAHAHA they spelt her name wrong mini/bigsmile

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Thanks You Guy

I actually didn't mean to misspell Athena at the end, it was 5am and I was literally finishing it up an hour before I had to go to school to present it. I guess it just adds to the cheesiness which is good, haha.

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This is probably one the most random and funniest video I've ever seen! mini/bigsmile mini/lol

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